Anti Photo-Aging Shield

Cromaclar UV/IR-A Anti Photo-Aging Shield

1.69 fl oz equivalent to about 60 applications
Price: 38,00€
Actives at recommended functional dose
Low Dose Perfume
Dermatologically Tested
Nickel <0,0001% (1ppm)

Ultraviolet A, B, and IR-A radiations: what are they and why are harmful to skin?

Together with visible light, ultraviolet A and B (UV-A, UV-B) and infrared (IR-A) rays are components of the sun’s electromagnetic radiation that reaches the planet, and therefore your skin. UV-B rays are rather skin-penetrating and cause tanning by stimulating the production of new melanin. They may also cause rash, sunburn, or spots in case of uneven distribution of melanin. UV-A rays penetrate deeper into the skin, so they provide immediate tan but may damage your skin permanently by causing the photo-degradation of Collagen and capillaries. IR-A radiation contributes to the heat sensation when the skin is exposed to sunlight. Recent studies have shown that improper exposure to IR rays is one of the main causes of premature photo-aging.

Why wear SPF30 protection every day?

A medium sun protection (SPF30) prevents skin damage caused by UV and IR-A radiations. We are always exposed to radiations – while going to the office, taking a walk in the park, or staying in bright indoors for instance. Therefore, it is essential to wear sunscreen every day. The savvy mix of light-weight sun filters in Cromaclar UV/IR-A ensures effective protection while being appropriate for a daily topic application, after the usual face cream and before applying the makeup.

What is Cromaclar UV/IR-A?

Cromaclar UV/IR-A is a light-weight emulsion with SPF30 that prevents dark spots and ensures an effective protection from UV and IR-A radiations. The formula contains a combination of organic sun filters, an anti-discoloration peptide, and an antioxidant molecule to protect the skin surface and prevents dark spots caused by melanin, the skin pigment. The daily use of Cromaclar UV/IR-A helps preserve a radiant and even skin tone, and it is beneficial in case of:

  • daily UV/IR exposure, even if minimal (sun radiation reaches the planet passing even through glass surfaces and clouds)
  • uneven complexion and skin prone to discoloration
  • application of AHA-based cosmeceutical treatments or skin renewal products.

What are the functional ingredients in Cromaclar UV/IR-A?

  • A balanced mix of organic sun filters enhanced by UV Sphere Shield technology, able to protect the skin from UV rays by sitting on the skin surface
  • Oligopeptide 68, anti-discoloration peptide that inhibits the formation of dark spots
  • Pro taurine, powerful antioxidant that prevents any skin damages related to oxidative stress and IR exposure

Why is Cromaclar UV/IR-A enhanced by UV Sphere Shield?

UV Sphere Shield is an ingredient with spherical hollow shape. It enhances Cromaclar UV/IR-A’s sun filters by sitting on the skin surface reflecting the sunlight. By doing so, it prevents harmful radiations from penetrating the deeper layer of the skin.

What are the benefits of Cromaclar UV/IR-A on skin?

Cromaclar UV/IR-A prevents any damages caused by UV and IR-A radiations. By doing so, it helps you achieve a radiant and even complexion.

How should Cromaclar UV/IR-A be used?

Every day, in the morning, after applying the usual treatment and before the makeup. It can also be used in association with foundations or primers containing sun filters.

Cromaclar UV/IR-A in the aesthetic medicine

Cromaclar UV/IR-A is used as daily home treatment in patients subjected to aesthetic procedures, especially after chemical peeling and laser which may cause skin hypersensitivity to sunlight.

MyCli Replies

Every day, 365 days a year.

Apply a thin layer to face, neck and décolléte. Wait a few minutes before applying the makeup.

Yes, Cromaclar UV/IR-A has a concentration of Nickel lower than 0,0001% (ppm).

Yes, Cromaclar UV/IR-A has an allergen-free fragrance.

If used properly, the 1.69 fl.oz pack lasts for 2 months (around 60 application).

To target skin hyperpigmentation, MyCli recommends to use Cromaclar UV/IR-A in synergy with Cromaclar Even Skin Tone Brightening Cream and GlutaSkin oral supplement with reduced Glutathione, Vitamin E and Arginine. Ask for the MyCli in-out protocol ideal for your skin in the MyCli partner Pharmacy of your choice.

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Anti Photo-Aging Shield

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