Cosmeceuticals that make a difference

Five points of difference for the best formulas.

What is the difference between “regular” cosmetics and “cosmeceuticals”? This is what everyone wonders about when in search of a truly effective anti-aging treatment among various brands and products to choose from.

Cosmeceuticals are a particular category of cosmetic products, so they are compelled to guarantee use safety according to the EU Regulation.

The key characteristic of cosmeceuticals is their targeted formulas, that deliver corrective solutions for specific aging skin concerns similarly to topical pharmaceuticals in the medical science (“cosme-ceutical” is a crasis of the words “cosmetic” and “pharmaceutical”).

Minimalist formulas, bioavailability of active ingredients, and targeted functionality are the other features that distinguish cosmeceuticals from regular anti-aging cosmetics.

From new MyCli Research & Development labs, the five essential points that characterize and distinguish the best cosmeceutical formulas:

  1. High concentration of active ingredients: the power of a cosmetic complex consists of the selection of synergistic molecules.
  2. Vehicles with high permeability: in cosmeceuticals there are no excipient but formulation systems to maximize skin absorption.
  3. Test for safety: each product, before the final approval, requires specific and very strict analyses.
  4. Corrective vocation: the principal aim is the rapid, visible improvement of skin imperfection.
  5. Customized protocols: anti-aging efficacy is the product of studies performed to provide solutions for every skin type, its conditions, and factors that cause its imperfections.