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Your Serum Match? We study it at the pharmacy for you!


Matching a serum with an anti-aging cream could be a child’s play if you use DIY cosmetics. Our phones are full of social proposals to buy them comfortably from the sofa. Cosmeceuticals, however, are powerful formulas and should…

“Antigravity: how to counteract horizontal sagging on the face” – Dr. Anna Chiara Cortese


The anti-gravity action is perhaps the topic of most interest now, when talking about anti-aging of the face. ‘I need a lifting here!,’ women often say pointing out the jawline, where the skin objectively loses its “anchorage” and…

“Filler and precursors. How do they interact?” – Dr. Alessandra Gava


“We’re full of hyaluronic acid.” This is a somewhat ironic statement, but it describes the reality. In our bodies, about 50% of this substance is present in our skin. It also forms the basic substance of synovial fluid,…

Switch to Summer Protocol


Temperatures rise. Facemasking has a sauna effect. UV rays are more aggressive, but outdoor activity is non-negotiable. By May, the cosmetic routine of winter is no longer as effective, and skin requires more attention, demanding more fluid and…

“Ingredients and raw materials – The luxury of choosing the best ones” – Dr. Maria Cimmino


When I set foot in the first formulation laboratory where I studied in Ferrara, I was dazzled not so much by the emulsifier we used to make prototypes but by the collection of raw materials. That expanse of…

“Sharon Stone and UV protection” – Dr. Gianni Baratto

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A few years ago I met Sharon Stone. Not in Los Angeles, but in the hills of Valdobbiadene, a guest at a golf tournament. The eyes on her were not only male, clearly. It was women who measured…

“Omega 3, myths and truths. When and why they really work” – Dr. Roberto Centanini


They say that when humans stopped living in nomadic tribes and discovered agriculture, their physical development contracted sharply. We are referring to a few thousand years ago, a time that marked the transition from fish-based nutrition to cereal-based…

“Best seller formulations and their secrets” – Paola Michieletto


When I travel the length and breadth of Italy to visit MyCli’s partner pharmacies, I see first-hand the quantity of cosmetic products that the Italian market offers. Both in the pharmacy channel and in other channels, the European…

“Why your weekly exfoliant is better than the best cosmetic formulas” – Fabio Callegari


What are exfoliants and why they enhance the action of cosmetics Dermatology and aesthetic medicine have demonstrated that, by removing the keratinized cells of the stratum corneum, the skin activates a process of deep renewal and rapid improvement…

“Nutraceutical: the synergetic complement to liposculpture” – Dr. Maria Vittoria Giatti


Five out of 10 plastic surgery procedures involve the body, but unlike the face, these procedures are less visible and perhaps less revealed. Liposculpture, for example, now boasts high-precision, safe techniques that allow for less invasive surgeries and…

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