The anti-gravity action is perhaps the topic of most interest now, when talking about anti-aging of the face. ‘I need a lifting here!,’ women often say pointing out the jawline, where the skin objectively loses its “anchorage” and the oval of the face alters.

However, there are faces that make this phenomenon noticeable more than others. These are those where there is also a slight edema or swelling, a sign of inactive lymphatic drains. The skin becomes heavier and this imperceptible vertical traction marks more what we technically call “sagging”.

Thin skins naturally have less resistance but also those that for various factors due to chronic micro-inflammation phenomena accelerate their own collagen degradation. Among the main factors – we will never get tired of repeating it – there is UV radiation during the day and the correlated oxidative stress and the lack of a good recovery sleep during the night hours, useful to restore what the organism has lost during the day. As Catherine Deneuve used to say: my best cream is sleep.

Biology-wise, what happens? The fibroblasts, our collagen and elastin “factories,” become a little lazy, so the matrix is impoverished. The support fibres are weaker, disorganised and fragile. That deep network that supports the epidermis loses quality.

What should we do when we feel our cheeks “falling out” and see them in the mirror? First, do not give up or reduce your protein intake. Whether in the diet or as a nutritional supplement, our diet should include at least 0.90 g of protein for every kilo of body weight.

Second rule, watch out for sugars! When in excess, sugars are one of the main enemies of the skin. The phenomenon is called glycation and people with diabetes know it well: their skin is very thin, stiff and consequently fragile.

Third rule. Repair the protein damage with an anti-gravity protocol that induces the skin to correct itself -self correction- based on:

• Latest generation antioxidants
• Fibroblast activating peptides
• Antiglycating ingredients
• Broad-spectrum UV protectors.

Our philosophy is to intervene in the skin’s cellular dialogue to stimulate the skin to “do it on its own” because it is capable of lifting itself. Hence, the name of our Liftable line, which means capable of lifting itself. Unfortunately, Collagen will never reach the dermis from the outside. But if the skin gets back to exercising with determination, all its mechanisms come back to life and the face smiles again.

Here, another anti-gravity tip: a big smile! Click here to check out the full anti-gravity protocol.

Dr. Anna Chiara Cortese
Pharmacist and cosmetologist