Hyaluronic acid is the star molecule of cosmetics. Discovered in 1934 by biochemist Karl Meyer while studying the eye’s vitreous body (hence its name: Hyalos, in ancient Greek, vitreous), it has always been at the center of research in aesthetic medicine. In addition to injectable use, the challenge of formulators is to reach, even in everyday products, the deepest layers of the skin where the fibroblasts, “production centers” of hyaluronic acid, are found.

We at MyCli have reversed the perspective–to increase the presence of dermal hyaluronic acid, the key is to stimulate your skin to produce more because the best hyaluronic acid is your own! In the vision of “skin self-correction”, stimulation of the endogenous production of this substance is the best way to correct the loss of the skin’s fullness and elasticity.

To do this, MyCli uses the so-called “precursors”, substances that bind to other molecules already present in the skin and are transformed into dermal hyaluronic acid, to then protect its longevity: N-AcetylGlucosamine (NAG), one of the structural components of hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, which controls cellular activity, and caffeoylquinic acid.  Historic success for the Pluriattivo 3 Filler Booster Cream, which today enhances the entire HA-Plast line, for a scientific answer to the desire for youthful skin for women and men of all ages.

Dr. Anna Chiara Cortese is the head of the R&D lab of Perlapelle, a company she founded in 2011 to experiment with new ultra-sensory technologies. She is a professor of the Master of Cosmetology program at the University of Ferrara, and a trainer in numerous courses dedicated to the pharmaceutical class. In continuity with her mother’s path, she coordinates the Peruzzo Cortese Pharmacy in Pianezze, Marostica. She is an active disseminator not only in physical channels but also in digital ones.

Dr. Anna Chiara Cortese
Pharmacist and Cosmetologist